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Sab Ka Malik Ek = God is One

Parampita Parmatma Shiv is "The Creator of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh" and Parampita Parmatma Shiv is the Creator of the Golden Age, Via Prajapita Brahma Baba at Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Worldwide 8500+ centers. 

We all are son of One GOD

World Cycle Time 5000 Years. After Kalyug (Iron Age) Satyug (Golden Age = Heaven) is Coming soon again. In between Kalyug & Satyug is Sangamyug (Confluence Age) where the Almighty GOD = Parampita Parmatma has come and Creating the new world, called Golden Age = Heaven = Swarg. Welcome to understand this Truth Knowledge and be a part of Heaven = Swarg. .

God is One = Parampita Parmatma Shiv More Detail...

Geeta Ka Saar... Gita Ka Gyan : Kya Atma -anubhuti ke sahi vidhi ka gyan aapke pass hai? Jisse aap parmatam ke saath Sathya sambandh sthapit kar sakte hai? Aadyatmik drishtikon se shrimat bhagwat geeta ka gyan atulniy hai, iskiaantarik sundarta yaha hai ki uska gyan manavta ke har vyakti ke uper laagu hai, haad aur behad ke har dayre se bahar hai.Yaha sarv Dharmon ke liye manya hai aur parmatam ko pratyaksha karne ka ek uttam madhyam hai. Yaha aap aur parmatam ke bich ek vartalap hai. Yah par Arjun oos vyakti ka patra darshata hai jo ichchhaon tatha bhautik sambandhon mein fansa huva hai. Humari apni hi antarik aasuri aur deivi shaktiyon ke bich ek dvanda hai jo kaurav aur pandavon ke naam se prasiddh hai.



We also offer courses on self development and life skills for organizations or groups (not individuals) at mutually convenient venue and time. These courses are conducted as full-day or half-day workshops, or as one or two capsule sessions.

Stress Management: The course helps identify the type and level of stress that a person is experiencing, develop a constantly positive attitude, and protect the self from negative and stressful influences. Very popular course for all groups. Especially beneficial for administrators, office workers, hospital staff, police personnel, patients, caretakers, students and families.

Self Development Leadership: It is a training course for executives and professionals at all levels who wish to develop their personal leadership capabilities to a higher level. The aim of the programme is to help participants develop inner powers to cope with change and choose the right response to situations.

Personality Development: A lot of academic, public and government organisations are seeking this course, which helps enhance one’s inner powers and spiritual quotient for effective performance.

Self Empowerment through Inner Powers takes you through an inner journey of exploring inner powers of the self and gives you practical examples of how you can use them in daily life.  

Harmony in Relationships: Gives you insights and practical tools to create better relationships at home and workplace.

Building Team Spirit: How to create team spirit and enhance work efficiency and qualitative performance in any group activity.

Mind-Body-Medicine for Holistic Health
: A course for medical and paramedical professionals as well as patients and caretakers. It explores the link between spirituality and health with a view to creating holistic health.

Value-based Education: This course offers integrated and holistic education in moral, human, social, administrative, cultural and spiritual values. Lots of schools, colleges, professional institutes and other educational bodies have availed this course.

Anger and Ego Management: This course looks at the causes of anger and ego and explores the ways and means to transform these damaging traits.

For organizing these courses in your institute/organization/office please contact us at:


Spiritual Service

Rajyoga Meditation
Every Brahma Kumaris centre offers a foundation course in Rajyoga meditation. It explains clearly the relationship between the mind and body and the interplay between the soul, God and matter. It leads one to self realization, God consciousness and development of inner powers through meditation. Daily spiritual lessons and practical exercises help channel the spiritual energy into positive and productive actions in daily life. A process of continuous learning ensures renewal of our innate values at the deepest level.

Group Meditation for World Peace
On the third Sunday of every month, group meditation for world peace is held at the same time in all BK centres in the world. Group meditation programmes are specially organized when calamities and disasters strike so that vibrations of peace can be created to support distressed people.

Community Service
Every Brahma Kumaris centre, besides offering free meditation and self-development courses, works with the local community in various ways. The centres conduct awareness campaigns in the fields of health, education, de-addiction and environmental conservation. During major festivals and public occasions they join other local groups to bring people together by organizing fairs, cultural events, tableaux, exhibitions, rallies and public talks in order to help enhance people’s quality of life through the application of spiritual, human and ethical values.

Educational Service
There are 17 service wings of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation (RERF) that reach out to a wide cross-section of the society and offer the benefits of various courses developed by the Brahma Kumaris. The RERF is a sister body of the Brahma Kumaris which was established in 1982 for providing specialized services to different sections of society.
Throughout the year each wing holds seminars and conferences at BK campuses and organises activities to help people integrate values and spiritual wisdom into their lives and share them in their family and workplace.

RERF Wings: Administrators’ Wing, Art & Culture Wing, Business & Industry Wing, Education Wing, Jurists’ Wing, Media Wing, Medical Wing, Politicians’ Service Wing, Religious Wing, Rural Development Wing, Scientists’ & Engineers’ Wing, Spiritual Applications Research (SpARC) Wing, Security Service Wing, Social Service Wing, Sports Wing, Travel and Transport Wing, Women’s Wing & Youth Wing.


Geeta Ka Saar
Sabka Malik Ek
Ik Onkar Satnam
GOD is One
2012 End of the World?

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The Wonder of GOOD WISHES

Good wishes for the self are a form of real mercy for the self.

Good wishes for the self foster a caring and compassionate nature.

Good wishes for the self finish arrogance and plant the seed of humanity.

Good wishes for the self enable the heart to forgive and forget.

A merciful and generous heart always has good wishes for others.

Good wishes for others come from a heart that is honest, pure and clean.

Good wishes filled with pure feelings bring the hearts of others close.

Good wishes for others thus nurture friendship and security.

Those who shower others with good wishes are non-judgmental;

They have an unlimited heart.

Souls with good wishes never remember the past.

Good wishes cannot be bought; they can only be earned.

The power of good wishes enables many miracles:

The power of good wishes creates a strong channel in which the river of love cal flows.

The power of good wishes can bridge any conflict.

The power of good wishes enables that which has been spoilt to become all right.

The power of good wishes makes big problems into small puzzles, easily solved.

The power of good wishes makes the impossible possible.

By keeping the door of good wishes open, you will receive constant blessings.







   Thank You very much for this life... I want to know more about Me and My life... How can I upgrade My life... My Future... And Yes! I want to Know about you too, because I want to maintain true relation with you... I Know You too Love Me... So Please... Do fulfill My WISH... Please! Please! Please....

GOD Words Amin...

Sab Ka Malik Ek    =    GOD is One    =

Ik Onkar Satnam    =    Parampita Parmatma Shiv    =

Creator of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh    =

Geeta Ka Gyan dene Wala    =    Creator of Lord Krishna    =

Creator of Aadi Devi Devta Sanatan Dharam    =

Father of all Soul Worldwide    =    Sab Ka Maat Pita    =

Patith se Pavan banane Wala    =    Dukh Hartha Sukh Kartha...

Parampita Parmatma = Almighty GOD Se Milne Ka Mauka Aa Gaya hai, Abhi Nahi To Kabhi Nahi... Too Late Mat Karna....

Go Ahead Now.....

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GOD is One... GOD is Point of Light... Truth of Life...
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Brahmakumaris Program on TV Channel More Details....

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