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Ik Onkar Satnam = Sab Ka Malik Ek = GOD is One =

 Parampita Parmatma Shiv Jyoti Bindu Nirakar Paramdham Wale... & More detail read this page properly...

GOD's Words...

You have called Me by many names:
Shiva, Jehovah, Allah, God...
You have Built temples and Churches to Me.
You have searched for ME on pilgrimages and in nature.
you have worshipped Me in many forms
Yet you do not know Me.

You not see Me with your physical eyes.
My form is of divine light, like shining star.
I reside in a timeless dimension beyond this material world.
You too once resides with Me in that Supreme Abode of peace.

Your form is also like Mine - a subtle, eternal, divine point of light .
You came onto this worldly stage to play a part through the body
And have become lost in playing your part-
Forgetting yourself, Me and your sweet, eternal Home of golden silence

When this drama of life come to close
I incarnate to free you from the chains of attachment and ignorance
And to take you back with Me to the Supreme Abode.
My incarnation is divine, unique and incognito.

I am ever pure, ever blissful, ever loving, ever free.
You are originally like Me and you belong to Me always.
When you recognize Me accurately and focus your thoughts on Me,
You come back to Me.

I am your long forgotten Supreme Parent.
My relationship with you is eternal.
Remember who you are. Remember your Home. Remember Me.


The Universal Light

Supreme Father Trimurti Shiva Says...

        My Dear Children... I am only the one incorporeal, invisible shining light,

Hindus call me "Jyothirlingam", Muslims "Noor-Eh-Allah", Christians "Yahova" which means "Point of Light".

I came for you from "Paramdham", the supreme Abode, to transform this world into Heaven once again.

Recognized Me, your Eternal father & remember Me, the Purifier, to attain health, Wealth & Happiness & also

to enter the forth coming Golden Age.


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I Love GOD...

     I Love You My GOD... Thank You very much for this life... I want to know more about Me and My life... How can I upgrade My life... My Future... And Yes! I want to Know about you too, because I want to maintain true relation with you... I Know You too Love Me... So Please... Do fulfill My WISH... Please! Please! Please....

GOD Words Amin...

Sab Ka Malik Ek = GOD is One =

Ik Onkar Satnam = Parampita Parmatma Shiv =

Creator of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh =

Geeta Ka Gyan dene Wala = Creator of Lord Krishna =

Creator of Aadi Devi Devta Sanatan Dharam =

Father of all Soul Worldwide = Sab Ka Maat Pita =

Patith se Pavan banane Wala = Dukh Hartha Sukh Kartha...

Parampita Parmatma = Almighty GOD Se Milne Ka Mauka Aa Gaya hai, Abhi Nahi To Kabhi Nahi... Too Late Mat Karna....

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