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Sister Shivani, along with some of her associates, visited Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani at the Sadhu Vaswani Mission on Thursday, November 24, 2011.

She said that she was originally from Pune and had lived here for 30 years. During this time she had the opportunity of visiting Sadhu Vaswani Mission and had also participated, over the years in some of its functions.

She was delighted to meet Rev. Dada, and in turn, Rev. Dada was extremely happy to meet and communicate with her.

Lovingly and reverently she addressed the following words to Rev. Dada, “You are a light house radiating light and might to the world. People are confused. They don’t know in which direction to go. Seeing you and getting your vibrations, they get a direction in life. Your presence and your power becomes a change of direction for millions of souls.”

Mr.Cassam Uteem, President Of Mauritius:

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is the right organization to implement the IYCP project as in the past the University has successfully coordinated Million Minutes of Peace Appeal and Global Co-operation for a Better World. We are living in a world where unfortunately a culture of violence has become a way of life. Violence breeds violence and can hamper peace and development. We must imbibe the value ofrespect. We must respect our self, our parents, our neighbours, our elders and our environment.

Mr.Abdoulaye Deiye ,Member Of Parliament,Senegal:

      The modern education system has given rise to a sense of ego, illusion of power and unnecessary desires in people. Spirituality is the unifying principle of all religions. I find that the relevance of the Sufi teachingsare confirmed after my visit to the Brahma Kumaris Academy for A Better World here.

Justice V.R Krishna Aiyer ,Former Judge Of Supreme Court:

      Mount Abu now represents a worldwide movement. I have toured many countries. Wherever I went, I found Brahma Kumaris centres. Once I had been to Newziland and Australia, as directed by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi. In all these countries I could witness the presence of Brahma Kumaris centres. Two years back when I visited New Jersey in United States, I found out a center of Brahma Kumaris with the help of telephone directory. The head of these centers was a Brahma Kumari who was very much familiar to me. Next day was Deepavali festival. She insisted that I should participate in the function. It was a period when I suffered mental depression. During this period I had been to Sri Satya Sai Baba also. I visited the BK center at New York also and spent two hours there. Then I could listen the voice of shanti (peace). Absorbing the message of shanti I returned. To see Brahma Kumaris and Kumars indulge in meditation was a real experience. When my sister Dr. Meenakshi desired to spend one week in peace, I directed her to Mount Abu. Later, my niece and her husband went there. It is their firm belief and conviction that real sanctity pervaded in the premises of Ishwariya Vidyalaya at Mount Abu. Now I stand before you on the basis of all these experiences. My intention is not to deliver speech as a scholar in Bhagavath Geetha. It requires not only talent and scholarship but also realexperience. Motivation and inspiration are essential to convey spiritual message.

Sh.V.S.Sonfranchuk ,Under Secretary General Of U.N.O:

      In these days world peace can be possible only through re-establishment of moral values. Now the countries of the world have started understanding the importance of human values and solve their problems through mutual co-operation. Now the United Nations is not a World government but a place for peace oriented efforts by the countries and a place where they can find solution of their problems. The Non- Governmental Organizations (N. G. Os) play an important role in activities organized by UNO for establishment of peace. Prajapita Brahma kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya has an important role in it on account of which it has been honoured with Peace Messenger award. There is an urgent need to constantly strive for bringing transformation in the world. This day a change is visible is every field -– political, social oreconomic.

Sh. Rajiv Gandhi , Former Prime Minister Of India:

         For establishing World Peace, apart from disarmament, there is also required a change in the mentality of those who are trying to show their authority in the world. The Disarmament is progressing fast but mere annihilation of arsenals is not sufficient. There is a dire need to change the mentality of the dominant countries that use them, so that the possibility of the use of nuclear arsenals is totally eliminated. For having Universal Brotherhood and Peace in the World, re-establishment of human values is necessary and our country has been continuing this legacy. Mahatma Gandhi got freedom for the country through the Principles of non- violence and without any jealousy or ill will. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru based on these principles, sustained human values through Socialism, Democracy and Secularism. Likewise, Mrs. Indira Gandhi tried her best to spread these ideals on national and international level. There is an urgent need to give up narrow mentality and develop mutual goodwill and co-operation. This will provide a new direction to world peace and development. If we want to take human civilization to its zenith, we have to eradicate all sorts of discrimination. The efforts of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mt. Abu, in the direction of World Peace are highly commendable. Here, two things have impressed me: Self-Transformation is a pre-requisite for World Transformation And There should be peace in the mind. It is only peace in the minds of lacs of people, which will bring World Peace.Knowledge and Science based on Spiritual Power will rule the World

P.V Narsimha Rao , Prime Minister Of India:

      This is a universal conference in which there will be discussions on how to develop and to promote harmony. Efforts will be initiated to make people understand its significance. I believe that everything starts in the mind—be it violence or non-violence; quarrels or brotherly feel-ings. War does not be-gin with weapons but it emanates from the mind. As a thought spreads, it ultimately becomes destructive or beneficial. So, which direction should the mind take is not the order of today only. For thousands of years, in all civiliza-tions, such endeavours have taken place. Many cultures disappeared because they could not fulfill these responsibilities. In their history, a devastating cycle of events occurred from which they could not escape. The upheaval in society was uncontrollable. Unable to quell it, such civilizations were ultimately destroyed. But the culture of Bharat has continued, which people say is 5000 years old. I think it is much older than that. You could trace it up to 5000 years, but you cannot even imagine that it could be thousands of years beyond that. We have a lofty and resplendent heritage, and we should be proud of it. But we, the heirs of such a great civilization, have some responsibilities, which we should understand very well. Today, we are talk-ing about har-mony. We are talking about sym-phony. Har-mony or sym-phony exists where there are different tones. There would be no need for har-mony if there were only one tone or one sound. According to classical music, there are some sounds, which are concordant, and there are other sounds, which are discordant. These various tones co-exist. Harmony takes place only when there is an arrangement between the concordant and discordant tones, which results in music, and not clamour. - 27 - Are we making such an arrangement? Are we able to accomplish it? Do we have the atmosphere for creating such an arrange-ment? Are we also making efforts for creating such an atmosphere? We should ask ourselves these questions. I believe that such an initiative is divided into two parts. The first part comes from the inside and the other half comes from the outside. Both are needed. The leaders of society, including the government, perform the external part. Sometimes they are successful in this and sometimes they are not because that part is incomplete. The effort is half-baked.

          The other is the effort, which comes from within. When it is said in the scriptures that “Religion has the highest place in the world,’ we mean that religion is the foundation and the support of the world. But if in the name of religion, violence erupts, then I think that there is some misunderstanding in religion. There is something wrong; therefore, we should examine it. This is why when the word ‘spirituality’ is mentioned here, then the word ‘religion’ becomes more distinguished. That distinction enables all the religions to merge unknowingly. Which religion blends where is not known because of the assimilation. The efforts you exert here may not bear fruit immediately. But the initiatives are very powerful and very effective. This effort is perpetuated to many. One person sows a tiny seed somewhere, which reaches 60 countries and becomes a big tree. There is definitely some power, which may not be in me, in you or in many. But it can be in one individual. That is an asset. How much can we take from Him? He is an ocean. You will get the amount of water from it depending on the size of your vessel. Dip in a tumbler and you get a tumbler full of water. Dip in a pot and you get a pot full of water. The question is how worthy are we? We wish to increase our worthiness either through education or through spiritual awakening. It is in our culture to speak profundities; to sing hymns praising God and to communicate in a comprehensible manner so that it touches the heart. This is a grandiose heritage, which has come a long way; A very powerful heritage indeed. It goes on and on and we should never renounceit.

Rama Devi , Governor of Himachal Pradesh:

      When we review the current education scenario, we understand the need of value education. In Himachal Pradesh, we are giving high priority to education and have also initiated value education in schools. The government has provided several facilities to spread literacy in every district. Children should be taught about social or political issues at an appropriate age when they would understand them properly. Mixing politics with education at higher levels is eating into the roots of our education system. Students are spoiling their lives after getting involved in party politics. Student life is the time when they have to be taught about values respect, compassion, love for nature etc. Prajapita Brahma, the founder of Brahmakumaris, was a great visionary who empowered a group of women sixty-four years ago, andthey are now doing a great work in value education around the world.

Gen. B.K.N. Chibber , Governor of Punjab:

     I came in contact with this B.K.I.V.V. a few years back when I was stationed at Amritsar. I have studied in depth and experienced Rajayoga meditation taught by the BKs. Purity vibrates from this place. We have learnt from various scriptures that our God Father is one, our true religion is one and our ancient culture is the same, but the practical aspect of this can be seen here. This Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya leads one to the path of spiritual awakening of moral upliftment. Today we need the world peace the most. World peace, however, can be attained by inculcating divine qualities. Today not only in India but also in the whole world, there is a dire necessity of noble behaviour, goodwill, and universalbrotherhood as preached and practised by the Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya.

Mr Arvind Dave, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh:

      It gives me great pleasure to be at the World Headquarters of the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya at Mt. Abu to interact with educators on a subject, which greatly contributes to creating a Better Society. I have the added pleasure in being here today as I not only belong to Rajasthan, which houses the world Headquarters of this Vidyalaya, but am also the Head of the State of Arunchal Pradesh, where the Brahma Kumaris have been doing commendable work for the past 25 years. Since I take pride for both these reasons, it becomes essential that I briefly narrate to you the pioneering activities of the Brahma Kumaris in my State of Arunchal Pradesh as well as in the other seven Sister States of the North East, including Sikkim. The Prajapita Brahma Kumaris are well represented in all the seven North Eastern States. For the North Eastern Region, they have Divisional Offices in Guwahati and Tinhsukia, both of which started over two decfades back. While the Guwahati Divisional Office is connected with the Brahma Kumari Branches in Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura and part of lArunchal Pradesh, the Tinsukia Divisional Office over-views the Brahma Kumari branches in Nagaland, Mizoram and in parts of Arunchal Pradesh, their main branches are in Itanagar and Naharalagun with informal contacts in Yinkiong and Ziro. Brahma Kumaris have fairly widespread activities in the North Eastern Region under a sister organization named “Raja Yoga Education and Research Foundation”.(RERF). So far 17 wings of this Foundation have been formed to serve the people from various spiritual backgrounds and to providepractical applicatioin lof wisdom.

LK Advani ,Union Home Minister:

     I think whosoever has made efforts and endeavored for social change, has done so in his own way. Some have excelled in the spiritual field, others in the social or the political field. They will realize that EQ is surely greater than IQ, but even greater than EQ is the Moral Quotient (MQ). Emotional Quotient is greater than the Intelligence Quotient and Moral Quotient is greater than the Emotional Quotient. Even if one has good IQ and EQ but no moral or spiritual power, there cannot be full development of the personality and therefore one cannot bring about the desired, benevolent transformation in society. I appreciate that in institutions like Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, the Brahma Kumaris are putting forth best efforts to enhance this Moral Quotient in society. Their activities arehighly appreciable.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee , Leader Of Opposition:

     On arriving here, I became aware of this newly built Academy for A Better World. I was also told about the Global Hospital, the activities of which have been highly praised. It is a matter of great pleasure that your organization has constantly been progressing; it is a developing organization. You are performing the task of making this world a better place to live in. This has been our aim since ancient times. There is both an angel as well as an animal instinct in man—constant endeavors are required to awaken angelic and divine propensities lying dormant in him, to inspire him on the path of becoming a deity from human being—Nar Se Narayan—and also check andkeep the animal instincts in him under control.

Cheick Alyn Daw Diop , Sufi Minister Of Senegal:

     Today youth are looking for role models, great leaders who would inspire them to work for the betterment of humanity. The efforts of Brahma Kumaris in guiding and inspiring thousands of youth all over the world are highly praiseworthy. Today’s youth are confused and disillusioned. But they can find an example of leading a meaningful life in this institution. It is regrettable that education being given in schools these days usually neglects the moral and spiritual development of children and youth. It is essential to impart high values and ethicsto youth during their formative years because their minds are like a piece of clay or a blank paper.

Nara ChandraBabu Naidu ,Chief Minister Of Andhra Pradesh:

     There is an urgent need to have spiritual discipline in life, which only can bring the environment of peace in the world. We observe discipline and order in Brahmakumaris organization. If even 10% of that is followed in politics, there can be a lot of change. The expressions of peace and happiness on the faces of the participants here show that the devotion of B.K. brothers and sisters and faith in God has achieved that what couldn’t be made possible by renowned management consultants. Along with value-based life, firm determination to achieve our goal and Scientific Temper can only lead a nation to prosperity. There are many qualities lying dormant in human beings, which need to be harnessed and channelised in the appropriate direction. If there are some weaknesses in us, we should try to overcome them. Love, affection and positive thinking only can create a better future for mankind. Swami Vivekanand had said if our present is good, our future will definitely be bright. It means, to create future is in our own hands. Though advancement in Information Technology is required for present age, man cannot get satisfaction if spiritual aspect is overlooked. These days there are plenty of physical comforts; still there is stress and tension in life only because moral values have been relinquished. The ideal of simple living and high thinking has been forgotten. Unless we adopt spiritual and moral values in life, the vision of creating a peaceful and prosperous world cannot be fulfilled. It is highly appreciable that you have combined science with spirituality. There is facility of simultaneous translation in 16 languages in this Diamond Hall. I would like to associate with the activities aimed at world peace. I would like to visit this place again and again to get valuable teachings. We haveissued instructions in Andhra Pradesh to avail the services of B.K. organization for value edutation.

Justice Ranganath Mishra , Former Chief Justice Of India:

   This Dialogue is going to help us to discover our inner capacities. Man does not understand that he is a part of a large system created by God. The human system consists of physical and subtle aspects. But we normally, become so concerned with the external world and the spiritual part of us always gets neglected. While we take physical food, we do not take mental or spiritual food. Mental food is to imbue oneself with spirituality. While the intention of the system is the restoration of balance of mind and body, it is invariably lost. “Man has landed into a lot of problems today through lack of balance. Just as when a motorcar battery loses power it needs re-charging, so we need the charging of soul. The beauty of this place is to keep thebalances very much alive”.

Justice A.S Qureshi ,Ex-judgeOf Gujarat High Court:

          I had a great pleasure to attend Jurists Conference on Values for a Better World and Meditation Retreat, I heartily congratulate Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa-Vidyalaya for organizing this magnificent conference which had attracted about 700 Jurists from different parts of Indian and abroad which include about dozen of supreme court and High Court Judge, ministers, eminent lawyers, high police and taxation officers. Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa-Vidyalaya is an educational institution, which is imparting spiritual and moral education and technique of Raja Yoga without which academic education is just hollow. In fact, Brahma Kumaris by their dedication, purity of character are performing the same function, which in old days was performed by our saints, sages and seers. I have toured different countries of the world land I have found their centers in all important countries and in all continents and in fact, they are serving as Spiritual Ambassadors of India all over the globe. Dadi Prakashmaniji’s participation in “World Religions Conference”: in Chicago in Sept, 1993 has been a great achievement, not only for Rajasthan but also for whole of India. Even in the U.N. has applauded the activities of this institution by conferring award of Peace Messenger on it. India’s only gift to the world can be the light spiritual, which Brahma Kumari sisters are imparting. 

          The work done by this institution in uplifting the status and dignity of women is matchless. The ladies who were considered dependants upon men throughout their lives: on the father in childhood, on the husband when young and on their children in old age, have been transformed into the teachers of mankind by the inspiration of Shiva Baba through the corporeal medium of Pitashri Brahma. This is the only institution in the world, which is being run and managed mostly by ladies and that too most successfully. Brahma Kumaris have entered the social field also and have set up Global Hospital at Mount Abu, which is a boon for the area. In this hospital medicine has been combined with meditation with marvelous curing results. I have learnt that this hospital has acquired the reputation of being “a Paradise for the patient”. The up coming Gyan Sarovar Complex is bound to do unique service for spreading spiritual and moral education. It will not be an exaggeration to say that success is the name-Brahma Kumaris and you richly deserve it. Great Sikandra tried to conquer the world by sword but failed. Brahma Kumaris are trying to make earth as one country and mankind its citizens by their message of love in which mission, I wish them a success assuring them that whatever co-operation or help they need from me, Iwill deem it as my duty to give.

A.P.J Abdul Kalam , President of India:

      I am indeed very happy to be here in this divine environment of Om Shanti Retreat Centre and also it is a great honour for me to be in the midst of the spiritual leaders of Brahma Kumaris Academy for A Better World. The evolution of good human beings is indeed a big challenge for the world community. I was asking myself, what would be the components of such a mission? Will it consist of education system to generate enlightened citizens? That means, a combination of learning with value systems. This process can take place for twelve years during a child’s education. This covers one third of the population at any point of time in our country. The second important component will be the religions graduating into spiritual movement. Third and most vital component is the poverty eradication by attaining economic prosperity resulting in high employment potential.

         Now the question we have in front of us is, will it eliminate the international terrorism? Will it eliminate the cross-border terrorism? Will it remove the communal clashes? Above all, will it remove the violence in mind and body? Friends, we can see a beautiful connectivity between heart, character, nation and the world. How to inject righteousness in the human heart? This is indeed the purpose of human creation; that is divinity. What is the type of planet we live in? We are going through a complex situation as the many and many human beings are completely at war with themselves, with society and with nation. I would like to discuss about the study on the dynamics of war on the planet Earth that I have done a decade ago. Dynamics of Warfare It is evident that man lives on wars. We distinctly see that pattern of warfare has three parts: unto 1920, 1920-1990; after 1990; the first part was human warfare period. Motivation for human warfare was either territorial greediness or wealth ambitions or religious domination, which in combination later led to the First World War in 1914. The second period- 1920-1990 - was a mechanized warfare period. During this period the world graduated to the use of new mechanized weapons and platforms - battle tanks, fighter aircraft and submarines. 

            The motivation was ideological conflicts between two societies, one side former Soviet Union and other side USA and related countries. Second World War also witnessed the disaster by the deployment of nuclear bombs on two cities of Japan. Also, it resulted in accumulation of 10,000 nuclear warheads each side. During the third period from 1990, I expected economic warfare leading to globalization. Supremacy of the technology led to technology denials and control regimes separating the nations as “Developed”, “Developing” and “ Under Developed”. In 2003, the world is facing a new kind of warfare, integrated situation of religious conflicts, ideological differences and economic-market warfare. We have witnessed always that war adds to wars. Of course, there will be a time gap. How do we combat these complex integrated phenomena of conventional warfare threat, cross border terrorism, insurgency and threat of nuclear attacks? .

Dr. D.R. Karthikeyan ,Director General Of Human Rights Commision:

      I had heard of the existence of a movement called Brahmakumaris even during basic training at National Police Academy at Mt.Abu 36 years ago. My training schedule was very tough. There was hardly any time to know anything about the BK organization. Nor was there any interest in knowing about them. Whatever little we heard about them was from people who themselves were totally ignorant and who had developed wrong notions about something unknown to them. In later years I came to know here and there about the selfless spiritual service of the dedicated BK sisters and brothers. It is only since the last couple of years I came to know them rather closely. While I had visited the headquarters at Mt.Abu a couple of times for a couple of hours each time, since the last one year I had stayed at the Gyan Sarovar Campus twice, each time staying there for three days. Recently I stayed at the Shanti Van complex at Abu Road during Shivaratri celebrations. I watched with great admiration every activity since 4 PM. There was perfect discipline, orderliness, punctuality and cleanliness everywhere and in every sphere of activity. The speakers had in depth knowledge of the various subjects on which they spoke. All of them were articulate and spontaneous in their expressions. They handled every subject with competence and composure. They were sure of whatever was assigned to them. All the BKs were cheerful, dynamic and dedicated. Whatever the job, whether it was the protocol duty of receiving the guests at airport or railway station or conducting them around the campus or for the various activities, one witnesses the height of efficiency and perfection. 

            They maintained the freshness and the cheerful and spontaneous attitude throughout the day in all situations, at all times.During the international seminars and conferences, the way the BKs conducted the affairs won the admiration of all the delegates. During the Shivaratri celebrations at Shantivan complex 20,000 delegates were accommodated, housed and fed. All the operations were smooth. Yet, everywhere there was orderliness and cleanliness. Every delegate appeared quite happy and satisfied with the arrangements. One is all the more impressed and overwhelmed to hear that there was not a single paid employee anywhere in the campus (excepting a few locals engaged as domestic help). All arrangements were efficiently and happily undertaken by groups of volunteers from various parts of the country. At the largest pillar-less hall in Asia, over 20,000 people gathered out of whom 2000 were foreigners from over 70 countries. There was perfect discipline and silence when the gathering stayed on from 6PM till early morning. The simultaneous translation 18 languages made it possible for everyone tounderstand every bit of the proceedings.

Sh.ShivRaj Patil ,Speaker Of Lok Sabha:

      The object of religion is to tell us the meaning of human life, its aim and reveal the secret of death. But. Today people, not knowing the real meaning of religion, are fighting with one another. They have forgotten the basic principals of religion and are following physical comforts and pleasures. Because we have forgotten the religion and the human relations, there are so many problems being faced by us in society. We cannot negate religion, but religious fanaticism is also not right. Both these situations create problems. In fact what is needed is to understand the true meaning of religion. First we have to create goodwill in human beings. We are trying to investigate into atoms, neutrons, nature, space, animals and birds but we have not been making any efforts to know those. We should have a balance of both-Science and Spirituality. If both these powers work untidily, there can surely be peace, happiness and prosperityin the world.

Chhoga Ram Bakolia ,Transport Minister Of Rajasthan:

     Today we see weaknesses all around the society. At such a crucial time, the role of media persons in strengthening the country is very important. Now is the time to amend us. We can learn noble conduct from Brahmakumaris organisation.In the pious environment of Shantivan here, one can create positive thoughts through Rajayoga. Brahmakumaris organization has been endeavouring to re-build India and Rajasthan. By establishing Global Hospital and Research Centre, they have contributed a lot in the fieldof social service.

Mr.Yerram Naidu ,Union Minister for Rural Areas and Employment:

     Services rendered through truth dedication and love alone will be the basis of success in politics. Moral values are as much necessary in modern society as food is essential to keep body and soul together. By holding such an important conference at this juncture, to arrest the trend of moral degradation is the unique contribution of Brahma Kumaris Organization. There is utmost need for spiritual re-awakening if increasing tendency of crimes in politics is to be checked. The present time calls for imbibing values like truth, non-violence and harmony, as mentioned in Gita. We must understand the importance of moral values. The rural population of India has to beeducated on the ethical and spiritual aspects, which alone will ensure country’s progress.

Mr.B.S. Ramoowalia , Union Minister for Welfare:

     India’s age-old tradition and core values should govern our present life styles and conduct especially in politics which should not be propelled by narrow considerations of caste, community and religion. Value based politics would re-main a distance dream as long as self interest, nasty brokerage and opportunism ruled the roost in country’s governance forgoing public interest and welfare. In a democratic set-up, public awakening and outcry; a vigilant Media; principled working of the three organs of government without functional overlapping and inculcation of higher order values, such as, altruism, honesty, integrity, patience and dedication towards a noble cause among politicians constitute the pillars of value-based politics. At a time when politics has come under increasing criticism and hatred, Bramha Kumaris institution’s initiative to infuse certain basic values into the profession of politics by organizing suchconferences and meets is not only commendable but also a courageous one.

Justice K.Venkataswami , Former Judge of Supreme Court:

     In the speedily sweeping scenario of globalization, democratization, today’s administrators with multifarious legislative, Judicial and executive accountabilities should subscribe to a set of core values like commitment, pursuit of excellence, social equality, trusteeship and tolerance for peaceful resolution of socio-economic and political tensions and conflicts and for effective utilization of our vast material, moral and human resources. The administrators should be the embodiment of honour, character and virtues with strong determination to do what is right in the larger interest of public and national welfare. We see rampant corruption, growing indiscipline, lack of sensitivity and allergy to the very word accountability in administration today. There is an urgent need for inculcation of moral and spiritual values by administrators in life and at work to translate intentions and promises into actions andachievements.

Tapan Sikdar ,Union Minister Of State for Communications:

     We must perform good deeds to preserve the noble tradition of Indian culture. The sanskars cannot be transformed by mere advice. Here, in Shantivan, we see how these noble thoughts are being implemented in practical lives. I call upon all people associated with Media to provide moral education to youth so that we can overcome the crisis of character. The ancient knowledge of India and meditation should be made a part of life and we should striveto make a strong, united and culturally rich India.

Dr N.Shiv Prasad ,Andhra Minister for Public Relations and Cultural Affairs:

     There is an urgent need to strike a balance between Information Technology and Spirituality and efforts should be made to establish value-based culture. For spiritual and moral empowerment of people, all political leaders and media persons should take initiative. The social welfare activities of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalya, performed with dedication over the last 65 years, are highly commendable. Our Chief Minister honourable Sh. Chandra Babu Naidu has advised all political leaders,Secretaries, officers and employees etc to dailypractise Rajyoga meditation.

Mr Ram Chandra Panda , Deputy Speaker Of Orissa:

      I am thankful to you for your hospitality during my stay at Mount Abu from 5th to 7th July 2001. During this short time I could forget the worldly attachment and enjoyed the bliss of Paramatma. I believe the knowledge and training imparted there will definitely change the world order and check the degeneration. If more and more people will adhere to your concept of life and philosophy, the heaven will not be far away. I extend my thankful-ness again and again from the very core of my heart for every body that spared their valuable and busy moments for co-operation and love for me. I must not keep quiet in expressing my adoration for the sagacity and brilliancy of sister Geeta and sister Suman who explained the theory and practice of Rajyoga which is the key for social harmony, individual’s peace and bliss, not only for a particular section, but also for every human being who is in worldly distress. My words cannot picture the scenic beauty of the locality. It has the magical and majestic power tocaptivate the minds of everybody and drive them towards peace and bliss.

Sharat Kumar Kar ,Speaker Of Orissa Legislative Assebly:

      I am thankful to you for your hospitality during my stay at Mount Abu from 5th to 7th July 2001. During this short time I could forget the worldly attachment and enjoyed the bliss of Paramatma. I believe the knowledge and training imparted there will definitely change the world order and check the degeneration. If more and more people will adhere to your concept of life and philosophy, the heaven will not be far away. I extend my thankful-ness again and again from the very core of my heart for every body that spared their valuable and busy moments for co-operation and love for me. I must not keep quiet in expressing my adoration for the sagacity and brilliancy of sister Geeta and sister Suman who explained the theory and practice of Rajyoga which is the key for social harmony, individual’s peace and bliss, not only for a particular section, but also for every human being who is in worldly distress. My words cannot picture the scenic beauty of the locality. It has the magical and majestic power tocaptivate the minds of everybody and drive them towards peace and bliss









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Our Welwisher

Janki Dadi & Swami Ramdev Baba at Mount Abu.

Brahmakumaris Sister Shivani & Dada J P Vasvani at Sadhu Vaswani Mission Pune

Mount Abu: Ramkrishna Mission Chief in Trindiad & Board Member of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Swami Shri Brahmadev Nand ji visited Brahma Kumaris Headquaters at Mount Abu. He met Dadi Janki ji, Brahma Kumaris Chief and sought her blessings.

Haridwar: Acharya Dr. Prabhakar Mishra, Former Vice-Chancellor, Darbhanga Vishwa Vidyalaya and President, World Ayurveda Academy visited Spiritual Fair at Kumbh Mela in Haridwar organised by Brahma Kumaris.

Abu Road(Shantivan): A Conference-cum-Meditation Retreat on "Call of Time - Living Harmony With Nature" was held at Brahma Kumarsi, Shantivan Complex, here organised by Scientists & Engineers Wing (SEW) of RERF, Mt. Abu. More than 800 Scientists and Engineers from India & Nepal participated in it.

Abu Road: A National Jurists Conference-cum-Retreat for Jurists on "Role of Jurist in Establising a Value-based Society" was inagurated here. Justice A. K. Pattnaik, Judge, Supreme Court of India, Justice A. S. Pachpure, Judge, Karnataka High Court, Dadi Janki, Chief of Brahma Kumaris presided over the event. More than 1000 Judges, Advocates from all over India attended.

Abu road: A 3-day Women's Conference on "Developed Society through Women Empowerment" was organised here. Sulata Devi, Chairperson, Social Welfare Board, Orissa, Bhavnaben Dave, Chairperson, Social Welfare Board, Gujarat, BK Chakradhari, National Coordinator, Women Wing of Brahma Kumaris, BK Mohini, Chairperson of Rural Development Wing inaugurated the Conference.

Bangalore: Dadi Janki, Chief of the Brahma Kumaris inaugurated the programme "God's plan for Golden Age" at Palace Ground here. Sri Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji of Adichunchanagiri MahaSamstana, Dr V.S. Acharya, Home Minister of Karnataka and Justice A.S. Pachcahpure, Judge, High Court, B.K. Mruthunjaya, Executive Secretary, Brahma Kumaris participated in the programme.

Mount Abu : Famous Film & TV Actress Poonam Dhillon and Padma Bhushan Anil Naik, Chairman and Managing Director of Larsen & Toubro, from Mumbai visited Brahma Kumaris HQ, Mount Abu and took blessings from Dadi Janki, Chief of Brahma Kumaris and Dadi Hridaya Mohini, Addl. Chief of Brahma Kumaris.

Ahmedabad: Spiritual Training by Brahma Kumaris to transform the life of prisoners of 23 jails of Gujarat by giving a new direction to their lives. Mr. V. Chandrashekhar (I.P.S.) Superitendent of Ahmedabad Central Jail, BK Neha behn, BK Nandini behn, BK Dharmistha behn etc. attended the programme.

Kanpur: BK Shivani, Sr. Rajyoga Teacher addressed to the audience at IIT, Kanpur. BK Vidyabehn, Incharge, Brahma Kumaris Centres, Prof. Sanjay Mittal, Dean Academic Affairs, Prof. Manindra Agarwal, Chairman, Golden Jubilee Committee, IIT Kanpur and BK Shivani behn inaugurating the programme by lighting the candles.

Haridwar: Brahma Kumaris' Chief Dadi Janki ji inaugurated Festival to Experience God's Power in Haridwar Maha Kumbh in the divine presence of Swami Satyamitrananda Giri ji Maharaj of Bharat Mata Mandir and Pilot Baba ji of Panch-dashnami Juna Akhara, Haridwar.

Mysore: On the occasion of 74th Shiva Jayanti celebrations Dwadasha jyotirlinga darshan mela has been organised from 12-Feb-2010 to 21-Feb-2010 here. The programme was inaugurated by Sri Sri Swami Nithyasthanandaji Maharaj, President of Sri Ramakrishna Ashram. Prof. Bhashyam Swamiji, Founder, Yoganarasihma Swami Temple and Sri. Purushottama, Mayor Mysore were present.

Mumbai-Colaba: PROGRAMME ON 'SPIRITUAL POWERS FOR SUCCESS IN BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY' was held here in which over 150 prominent Business & Industrialists attended. Prominent among them are Mr. Prashant Akhani – Chairman Cum Managing Director, Mr. Kanubhai Liajawala – Managing Director – Print & Stick Pvt.Ltd., Mr. Arjun Dhawan – Dhawan Electronics Pvt. Ltd. BK Gayatri Brahma Kumari Sister Gayatri addressed the seminar.

Gurgaon (Om Shanti Retreat Centre): Union Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment, Mr Mukul Wasnik inaugurated a two-day National Dialogue for Administrators on “Awakening the Ruler Within” here. Over 100 specially invited senior bureaucrats, executives and managers representing public and private sectors including IAS, IPS, IRS officers from all over India participated.

Mumbai (Borivali): Famous Bollywood Film Actresses Aruna Irani & Bhagyashree participated in the Amarnath Yatra Darshan organised here on the occasion of 74th Trimurti Shiv Jayanti. Around 10,000 souls received Godly Message.

Bangalore: Religious leaders from different faiths and Chairman of Law Commission Justice VS Malimath and Minister of Higher Education Mr Aravind Limbavali attended the "Grand Shiva Jayanti Celebrations” at Grand Castle, Palace Ground here. There was a broad coverage of the whole programme by print and electronic media.

Sirsa (Shanti Sarovar) : On auspicious occasion of 74th Trimurti Shivjayanti , 74 programs were organized by Shanti Sarovar, Sirsa at various places of city and its connection. Mains guests of these programs were:-Laxman Das Arora, Former Industry Minister, Haryana, Nityanand Giri Ji, Maharaj, Rishikesh Wale, Smt Promila Sharma, State President of Women INALO, Kamlesh Chahar, Distt. Child Welfare Officer, Smt. Geeta Kathuria, Director of DISHA (NGO working for welfare of women and mentally retarded children)

Delhi (Vasant Vihar): On the occasion of Maha Shivaratri Colorful Jhankis of Laxmi Narayan in Horse car(Jhanki-1) and Prajapita Brahma, Rudra Geeta Gyan Yagyna surrendering their vices in it, Difference between Shiv & Shankar(Jhanki-2) were main attraction of this procession. It was inaugurated by Mrs. Barkha Singh, MLA, Delhi, BK Kshira, center incharge, BK Laxmi, Mohammadpur, Delhi and BK guest Brother Madanlal, Austria.

Guwahati: On Occasion of Shiva Jayanti, Leaders of different religions were honoured by Brahma Kumaris in Sarva Dharma Samaroh in Guwahati (Assam).

Nagpur(Mah.): Religious Leaders from Different Faith unfurled Shiv Baba's Flag at Nagpur on Shivratri Mahotsav.

Pune (Bhosari): The main attraction in the Shiva Jayanti Mahotsav was Amarnath Temple at about 50 feet high with ice shivlinga constructed for public darshan. The opening ceremony of festival followed by Dipotsav in the presence of 1 Lac peoples done by Sister B K Usha, B K Rukmini from Mira Society, Pune & B K Karuna ( Incharge Bhosari, Pune ).

Abu Road: A View of Inauguration Ceremony of new building named as 'Brahmlok'. A View of newly inaugurated 1200-bed residential building named 'Brahmlok' at Manmohinivan Complex. This is the last and fifth building of the complex.

Global Festival for Receiving God's Powers & Blessings at Jalgaon

Delhi: Value Education PG Diploma Course started in Delhi
One year PG Diploma Course on Value Education and Spirituality jointly conducted by Annamalai University & Brahma Kumaris in Delhi, Hari Nagar

Indian football team captain Practises Meditation, Meera Society(Pune)

Moscow (Russia): 20th Anniversary Celebrations of Brahma Kumaris Service in Russia and
Mr.Trapeznikov George, President of the International Academy of Spiritual Unity of the People of the World, presenting Dadi Hridaya Mohini with a Diploma of the Academician of the Academy.

Global Festival Launching in Raipur

Global Festival Launching in Bangalore

New Russian Award to Dadi Gulzar

Dadi ji Gulzar, vice-president of the Brahma Kumaris, became the first person ever to be awarded with the new Russian award 'From Understanding to Unity'. The award was instituted by the Russian Foundation for Social Initiatives (St. Petersburg) especially on the occasion of Dadi ji's visit to Russia which coincided with the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris services in this country. The new award is given to 'individuals and organizations that have excelled in promoting ideals of humanism, morality, spirituality and non-violence, contributing to the environmental safety of the planet and health of its inhabitants, preventing ethnic, religious, political and military conflicts, strengthening international connections and drawing together diverse national cultures.’

Special trophies, honorary medals and beautiful flower bouquets were given to Dadi ji by (R to L) Prof. Vladimir Golovkin, president of the North-West Multiple Sclerosis Association, Prof. Konstantin Pshenko, Secretary of the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, Prof. Konstantin Sultanov, member of the Rector's Board of the Russian State Herzen Pedagogical University, Prof. Felix Balliuzek, director for medical projects of PROMMET-AG company (Switzerland), Mrs. Lyudmila Modina, president of the International Foundation for Supporting City Culture, Mr. Victor Bogdanov, president of the International Foundation of Vocational Education. Sister BK Chakradhari, Sister BK Sudha, Sister BK Santosh were present in the ceremony.

Brahma Kumaris' Chief Dadi Janki ji giving blessings to the 4000 nurses from India, Nepal and Holland attending Holistic Health Conference for Nursing Professionals at its Valedictory Programme at Brahma Kumaris, Shantivan, Abu Road




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Sab Ka Malik Ek = God is One

Parampita Parmatma Shiv is "The Creator of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh" and Parampita Parmatma Shiv is the Creator of the Golden Age, Via Prajapita Brahma Baba at Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Worldwide 8500+ centers. 

We all are son of One GOD

World Cycle Time 5000 Years. After Kalyug (Iron Age) Satyug (Golden Age = Heaven) is Coming soon again. In between Kalyug & Satyug is Sangamyug (Confluence Age) where the Almighty GOD = Parampita Parmatma has come and Creating the new world, called Golden Age = Heaven = Swarg. Welcome to understand this Truth Knowledge and be a part of Heaven = Swarg. .

God is One = Parampita Parmatma Shiv More Detail...

Geeta Ka Saar... Gita Ka Gyan : Kya Atma -anubhuti ke sahi vidhi ka gyan aapke pass hai? Jisse aap parmatam ke saath Sathya sambandh sthapit kar sakte hai? Aadyatmik drishtikon se shrimat bhagwat geeta ka gyan atulniy hai, iskiaantarik sundarta yaha hai ki uska gyan manavta ke har vyakti ke uper laagu hai, haad aur behad ke har dayre se bahar hai.Yaha sarv Dharmon ke liye manya hai aur parmatam ko pratyaksha karne ka ek uttam madhyam hai. Yaha aap aur parmatam ke bich ek vartalap hai. Yah par Arjun oos vyakti ka patra darshata hai jo ichchhaon tatha bhautik sambandhon mein fansa huva hai. Humari apni hi antarik aasuri aur deivi shaktiyon ke bich ek dvanda hai jo kaurav aur pandavon ke naam se prasiddh hai.