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Awakening with Brahmakumaris at Pune & Pimpri  Chinchwad

Dear All Brother & Sister,














































TV Celebrity of Awakening with BrahmaKumaris Sister Shivani in PIMPRI Pune



BrahmaKumaris AMRUT MAHOTSAV BrahmaKumaris Platinum Jubilee Celebration 75th Year 2011-12

On SATURDAY,26 th November 2011  Timing : 5.30 PM to 8.30 PM

Venue : Royaale World School Ground, Opp Sukhwani City, Near Vaibhav Nagar, PIMPRI CAMP, Pune 17.

Contact For FREE PASSES : Brahmakumaris Pimpri Centre

020 27414377 / 9766798157 / 9822562005 / 9822544168

BrahmaKumaris Pimpri Center : Plot No. 330, Nr Hemu Kalani Garden, Nr Ashok Theater, Pimpri Camp, Pune 17

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Rajyoga Retreat - "Discover the Healer Within" by BK Shivani, 3 days - 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Thursday, November 24, 2011 at 7:00 AM - Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 7:00 AM (GMT+0530)

Alpa Bachat Bhavan, Behind Council hall
Chhatrapati Shivaji Rd, Pune, Maharashtra, India 411001

Dear Sweet Divine BK Brothers and Sisters,
Pl. fine below the invitation mail you can use to invite your friends and contacts who are non-BK for a 3-day rajyoga retreat
to be conducted by our dear sister BK Shivani (of 'Awakening with BK's TV fame) in Pune, on 24,25 & 26th Nov.'11
Please note below -
You can also register your friends/contacts on the link
This program is strictly for non-BKs alone to maximize the purpose of the sewa.  Seats are limited pl.
BKs can escort their contacts and attend to them if reqiured at the event venue but should not occupy seat in the hall.
BKs can purchase the program CD after the program from their respective centers.
There will be programs for BKs organized by your centers in the evenings - details can got from your centres)
Thanks for your kind co-operation
Warm Regards IBY,
Brahmakumaris (Pune) Divine family,



Plot No 330, Near Hemu Colony Garden, Near SEVA VIKAS BANK, Pimpri Camp Pune 17.

020 27414377 / 9766798157

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haid-k inamaM~Na ¹

p`jaaipta ba`(akumaarI [-SvarIya ivaSva ivaValaya ko

AmaRt mahao%sava (Platinum Jubilee) ko SauBa Avasar pr

Aasqaa foma¸ ba`(akumaarI iSavaanaI bahna ³ Awakening with Brahmakumaris)

ko Wara SauBa saMklpaoM kI AmaRtQaara

 tarIK Á¹ 26 navambar 2011

samayaÁ¹ Saama 5.00 sao 8.00 bajao tk

Aayaaojak Á¹ p`jaaipta ba`(akumaarI [-SvarIya ivaSva ivaValaya¸

      Plaa^T naM.330¸homau klaanaI gaaD-na ko pasa¸



Dear Divine Friends,

It gives us immense pleasure to invite you for a 3 days Meditation Retreat in Pune,
from 24th, 25th &  26th Nov. - 7:00 am to 8:30 am -
the programme will be conducted by Sister BK Shivani (of TV 'Awakening with BKs'  fame) .
  • Why certain things happen to us in certain ways in life?
  • Is life destined or do I have the power to live life the way I want?
  • How can we have happiness in all our relationships at work and home and make happiness our journey?
  • How can we attain complete peace of mind?
  • What is the positive change that I can bring in self for self progress?
Come and experience the empowering and enlightening Meditation Retreat
Venue - Alpabachat Bhavan (behind Poona Club), Pune-411001.
Please Note : Pre- registrations is mandatory for your free hall ticket.
Seats are limited so hurry !
Pl. click the image below for your free online registration.
You can register for your friends and family members also.


Address of the Vice President of India on the occasion of the inauguration of the conference on ‘One God One World Family’ at 1100 Hrs. on October 8, 2011 at Vigyan Bhavan.

October 8, 2011
New Delhi

It gives me great pleasure to inaugurate the National launching of Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya.


Seventy five years is a long span of time that bears testimony to the values and services of this organization. It shows that the wisdom and values imparted by Brahma Kumaris have withstood the test of time and has been consistently spreading all over the world bringing qualitative change in the lives of lakhs of individuals and families.


It is a matter of great pride for India that the message of spirituality and value-based living imparted by this organization has now become a worldwide movement that has touched the lives of thousands of people from different nations, cultures, creed and races. I am aware that the Brahma Kumaris is a worldwide family of individuals from all walks of life that provides a caring, co-operative and supportive environment which encourages individuals to bring out the best in themselves.


It is therefore apt for such an organization to have chosen the theme “One God One World Family” to celebrate its Platinum Jubilee. There cannot be true and lasting peace and harmony in the world unless there is peace in the minds of people. Only then will they live in peace with fellow humans and nature. For United Nations and communities we need to have united natures of human beings.


One World Family, ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,’ will remain a distant dream unless we cleanse our hearts and change our attitudes. A spiritual revolution is needed to transform the negative and destructive outlook of human beings into positive feelings and benevolent actions.


Peace is a holistic state of living that encompasses the purity, well-being and progress of everything in the world, including nature and material things. It is a feeling of total well-being in which a human being lives in harmony with himself, others and environment.


This can happen only when our thoughts, attitudes, emotions and actions are righteous. Violence of the subtlest form can destroy peace. Any thought or feeling that is influenced by vices and weaknesses such as lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego shatters the wellbeing of human society. True progress comes where purity dwells. A mind that is free from negative and waste emotions will be able to sustain wellbeing of others. The precursor of a progressive and happy society is a clean and positive mind.


I hope that the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations will spread the message of compassion and oneness in our country and the world and inspire us to build bridges of unity amongst all cultures and creeds.


I congratulate the Brahma Kumaris on this momentous occasion and wish them success in achieving the noble vision of creating a world of peace and harmony.


Jai Hind


Brahma Kumaris celebrating platinum jubilee

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is hosting a serie of cultural and spiritual events in Delhi and the National Capital Region over the coming nine days beginning this Saturday to mark its platinum jubilee.

Vice-President Hamid Ansari will inaugurate the platinum jubilee celebrations at Vigyan Bhavan here today.

At a press conference on Friday, Brahma Kumaris institution chief spokesperson B. K. Brij Mohan said a series of educative programmes, seminars, campaigns, meditation camps, exhibitions, lectures and cultural shows will be held through the series.

Nizar Juma, a Nairobi-based industrialist and a rajyoga practitioner of the Brahma Kumaris for over two decades, highlighted the socio-spiritual and educative services of the NGO in areas like value education, character-building, holistic health, drug de-addiction, youth and women development. “Spiritual values and rajyoga meditation helps overcome challenges and restore better life,” he added.

Famous playback singer Shaan will present a cultural event at the CPWD Grounds in Chirag Dilli this Sunday.

A dialogue on “Awakening the true purpose of life” will be held at Siri Fort Auditorium on October 14 in which Delhi Lieutenant-Governor Tejender Khanna will be the chief guest.

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan will be a special guest at a public programme on “Re-connecting with God for happiness and harmony” that will be held at Leisure Valley in Gurgaon on October 16.



PALANPUR: The platinum jubilee year (completion of its 75 years) of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, (PBKIVV), the international spiritual organization, concluded on Tuesday evening at Shantivan Complex, Abu Road, with the resolution to work more vigorously for the well-being of humanity.

The valedictory function at the end of the four-day long function witnessed a touching scene when the artistes and delegates expressed their gratitude to the hosts for their cordiality and hospitality.

The eminent dignitaries including the President of the Indo-Caribbean Society in America and the Peethadheesh of the International Brahma Vidyapeetham Trinidad Swami Brahma Dev emphasized on revolutionary measures to meet the situation.

"Representatives of different religious beliefs stressed on the need to work together for world-transformation to generate peace happiness and prosperity of the humanity. Transport minister of Rajasthan Brij Kishore Sharma, health minister of Haryana Rao Narendra Singh, Member of Parliament Sirohi-Jalore Devjibhi Patel and participants from Australia, US, Canada, UK, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Sri Lanka etc made the event memorable," spokesman of the organization B K Karuna said.


Are these some of your beliefs?

Tension is Natural...

Anger is Necessary...

Happiness is Conditional...

Meditation is Difficult...

Discover your TRUE SELF

Make Peace Happiness Love a Reality...

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Awakening with Brahmakumaris

Coursed Offered

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya offers foundation course in meditation through each of its centers spread across the world. At the heart of the course is a clear understanding of the relationship between spirit and matter, mind and body, and the interplay between the soul, God and the material world. The course enlightens people on spiritual themes and lead to self development and inner transformation so that one feels enthusiasm and attains happiness in life in all situations.

Apart from the basic course in meditation, the institution offers following courses in  places like hospitals, schools, prisons, business and industry, etc for the benefit of the society in the spirit of social service. These courses encourage positive values, offer a fresh vision of future and strive to bring out the best in the people.
    * Self-Management Leadership
    * Stress Management
    * Living Values
    * Positive Thinking
    * Mind Management
    * Relationship Management
    * Self-Empowerment
    * Developing Concentration Power
    * Increasing Memory Power
    * Increasing Self Esteem
    * Exploring Eight Inner Powers
    * Developing Positive Attitude

For More details contact your near by Brahma Kumaris Center

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Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani Delivers Lecture on Stress Management and Coping with Uncertainties at IIM, Lucknow

"I create response" "I have the choice to choose my thoughts" "I choose stability" These mantras by Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani resonated in the fully packed hall at IIM Lucknow last evening. This socio-spiritual talk was delivered on stress management and coping with uncertainties for the upcoming generation of managers of India Inc.

B. K. Shivani is a Rajyoga Meditation Teacher who has been studying spiritual knowledge and practicing the ancient technique of Rajyoga Meditation, as taught by the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mount Abu, for the past 12 years. She conducts motivational courses through seminars and television programmes.

With the serenity of a saint, Sister Shivani immediately struck a chord with the students and faculty at IIM Lucknow. She says "Uncertainty today is a way of life. What is more uncertain today, is how we respond to a situation that the situation itself". Students could immediately relate this with the upheaval in the markets last year and how unpredictable their jobs and lives were.

Sister Shivani's radio and television shows are very popular with the students on campus. Sushovon, a first year student, says 'I have been listening to her talks for some time now, it was indeed an honor to interact with her and gain insights'. A senior Professor also said, "We could immediately relate her thoughts with what goes on inside the class. It will definitely help me in my teaching and understanding my students better".

All round development of students has been IIM Lucknow's endeavor at all times. Workshops at IIML provide an insight to management of not only brands, portfolios, materials, but also time and thoughts. Time management is nothing but thought management, said Sister Shivani. "Sounds difficult but it is quite easy if one follows the prescribed path", she claims.


Face of the Brahma Kumari organisation, Shivani, speaks to Mid Day editor Abhijit Majumder in a no-questions-barred interview

She is the young, articulate face of a spiritual organisation once known as a secretive cult. Through her conversations and lectures on television on matters like the ego, relationships, stress, anger, self esteem and meditation, 38-year-old Sister Shivani is helping bring the Brahma Kumari (BK) movement out of the shadowy realms of myth into millions of drawing rooms in India and abroad.Here is an outspoken, no-questions-barred interview that covers Shivani's journey from a normal, party-going, 23-year-old engineering graduate from a Pune college to the heart of a 70-year-old organisation, and touches upon touchy stuff like funding, sex, and vegetarianism.

When did you get associated with the Brahma Kumaris?
My parents used to go to BK. Obviously, if your parents go somewhere, there is conversation in the house. It's in the air at home. For two years, I saw the impact on them. They asked me to come with them, but that doesn't work. The more they would ask me, the more I'd block.

Then, for the next two years I kept going off and on...a function, once a fortnight. I was 23. Then I started going daily.

Did a personal crisis make you go to a spiritual organisation?
This is a very big myth, actually. Yes, for some people, a tragedy shakes them up. It's like starting to go for a walk only after one has been diagnosed with a big health problem. We keep postponing the decision.

I was an extroverted, social person. So I kept away from BK, initially. But I saw the change in my mother...from a very emotionally sensitive person to a strong person, and decided to check it out just to explore, as an experiment, one step at a time, not looking for anything... not looking for God.

There's a notion about BK that it is a secretive cult. There is literature widely available on the Internet that speaks about child abuse in the organisation, people drawn away from their families, patrons forced to donate huge sums. What do you say to that?

It's an organisation where a huge number of people come together with the mission to clean themselves. They come to improve themselves through the practical application of spirituality. It's a journey. When we come here, we are not perfect.

There is a difference between someone who is born divine -- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, for instance -- is a divine soul. We are not born saints. We are here with our weaknesses, complexes, prejudices ¦ like everyone else. Here, we start working on ourselves, clean ourselves. In BK, we are all learning. You may ask who is the head. The head is only the administrative head. She is not a guru, she is also learning.

Now, if there are nine or ten lakh people coming for purification, there would be one or two who can do
something. There may be a possibility that one or two cases may have happened, but I don't know about it. But if somebody is saying something has happened with them, total benefit of doubt should go to him or her. It must have happened. But we tend to look at that one case instead of the nine or ten lakhs who are working on cleaning themselves.

You talk about cleaning. Is the detergent fine?
That I have to ask myself after the dry cleaning. It's only for me to know. No one else can know. I can be very
presentable and sweet, but what is going on inside me, only I will know.

Yes, initially when women were not allowed to step out, some sisters had to leave home. But now, nobody is leaving home. You have to above 21 and your family has to give you permission before you are taken as a 'surrendered sister'. How many such sisters do we have? About 15,000. Rest of the nine lakh people go back home.

Is having you as the young, presentable face of the organisation, especially on TV, a clever spin?
It was not planned at all. There's a production house in Delhi. I helped backend for two years. Post-production, editing etc. Then, when BK started on Sony, they wouldn't accept any tape coming from our Mount Abu headquarters.

They had certain parameters. Then it was my role to call seniors to shoot at the studio. Now, most of them are occupied with other work. So, it happened absolutely by default. I was pushed on to sitting in that chair just because there was no one else.

Does the name Brahma Kumaris turn men off from joining?
Initially, yes. People go by what they hear. Not now. Today we have equal numbers of brothers and sisters. The name is because initially the administration was carried out by sisters.

Where do you get money from?
We come here like a study group, benefit, feel like sharing, and finally if we want, we contribute. No one knows what I am giving.

Does the organisation never ask for money?
It depends. Suppose there is this programme, we have to hire an auditorium etc. We would sit with 200 people, ask them what's their thought, and if they say let's go ahead, we ask them to contribute on their free will for the event.

Are you in favour of transparency of finances in spiritual/religious organisations? Do you think they should come under audit?
Why not? If you are a spiritual organisation, working cleanly, you should be transparent, open to audit.

Are the young responding to spirituality?
In an amazing way. A huge number of schoolchildren watch the programme. It's surprising. They are going through enough challenges of their own. They are ready to work on themselves. They are being made to do a lot of things in the name of peer pressure, and then they are feeling guilty. So many girls get into a physical relationship in school or college because of peer pressure, or to please somebody, and then go through guilt.

What do you tell them? Not to have a physical relationship? Or not to have guilt?
To work on the inner thing. The outer thing is your choice. You can do whatever you want to do, provided you can keep the right state of emotion. If it is out of your free will and free choice, there is no question of guilt. Guilt arises when you give in to pressure because you didn't have the power at that time to say, no.

Why do spiritual/religious organisation have this track record of professing celibacy?
It's a process. I want to climb up to here, and there are certain things pulling me down. The doctor tells me this is a preventive measure. It's not a compulsion.

Is lovemaking an illness?
No, it's not an illness. In Raja yoga meditation, celibacy is like a preventive measure.

Non-vegetarian food?
Food has vibrations. The animal has gone through certain emotions before it was slaughtered.

So has a plant...
A plant is a living thing, not a living being.

Just because a plant doesn't die dramatically...screaming, shouting...doesn't mean it does not feel pain. We can't rid ourselves of the guilt.

It's not that. A human being is a soul with a body. An animal is also a soul with a body. Not a plant. Human beings impact other beings. Plant get affected by human beings.

I would argue -- human beings get affected by plants too. If there's a tree in front of my window, I'd possibly lead a different life than if there was no tree there. Energy levels of an animal is greater than the energy levels of a plant.

You are discriminating ¦
The other option would be to stop having plants as well.

We'll then have to stop having food.Well, as much killing as we can avoid. In BK, satvik food does not only mean vegetarian, but also getting rid of dark or angry thoughts when we are cooking food.

You are just 38. Do you miss doing stuff that normal young women going to a pub?
I've done all of it. Also, I stay at home with my husband in Gurgaon.

You've ever done a job?
I'm working. I have a business with my husband.

If you were wearing a T-shirt, what would the graffiti be?
It would be: If I had the power, I would choose my destiny.


Awakening with Brahmakumaris

Coursed Offered

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya offers foundation course in meditation through each of its centers spread across the world. At the heart of the course is a clear understanding of the relationship between spirit and matter, mind and body, and the interplay between the soul, God and the material world. The course enlightens people on spiritual themes and lead to self development and inner transformation so that one feels enthusiasm and attains happiness in life in all situations.

Apart from the basic course in meditation, the institution offers following courses in  places like hospitals, schools, prisons, business and industry, etc for the benefit of the society in the spirit of social service. These courses encourage positive values, offer a fresh vision of future and strive to bring out the best in the people.
    * Self-Management Leadership
    * Stress Management
    * Living Values
    * Positive Thinking
    * Mind Management
    * Relationship Management
    * Self-Empowerment
    * Developing Concentration Power
    * Increasing Memory Power
    * Increasing Self Esteem
    * Exploring Eight Inner Powers
    * Developing Positive Attitude

For More details contact your near by Brahma Kumaris Center

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Maximizing Your Inner Potential

This post is written by my guest writer, Christiana.

Talk held at 19:30 on Wednesday, April 22 2009

At The Peninsula-Excelsior Hotel, Singapore

By Sister BK Shivani

Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre

About Sister Shivani

BK Shivani (Sister Shivani) is a popular motivational instructor and lecturer whose regular television programmes and lectures have inspired thousands of professionals, youth, and even children to change their perception of religion, spirituality, and way of life. After graduating as an electronics engineer, she went on to start up her own software companies including one to teach children robotics. Her practice of meditation for the past 12 years has enabled her to explain to her audiences how values and spirituality can be used naturally in daily life. Shivani is also a regular presenter on Aastha Channel with a viewership of over 200 million. She also appears regularly on Sony TV, Sanskar and Zee Jagran Channels which are socio-spiritual-cultural networks.

Sister Shivani: Good Evening!

Audience: …good evening…

Sister Shivani: Eh, Singapore is a bit weak eh? GOOD EVENING!!!

Audience: Good Evening!

Sister Shivani: Thank you so much for the greeting. The reason why I repeated it was because I noticed in the first time round it was quite weak. When we greet we must do it with intention. Allow me to share something with you: in Brahma Kumaris, we always greet each other with “Om-Shanti”, which means?

Audience: Peace.

Sister Shivani: Indeed. This is a constant self-reminder that I am a peaceful being, instead of reminding that I’m an angry, hot tempered, or nervous being.

The reason for this self-reminder is because for the mind, the way it works is: “As I think, so I become.” Peace/love/satisfaction are just words; the most important in the end is the experience. Therefore, we need to prepare the mind. We often forget to switch the tasks of the mind. It so happens that oftentimes for a sharing event, the sisters prepare the venue, the programme, the invitations, the cookies… we prepare everything, but the most important thing: the mind of the audience. The mind of the audience is not always prepared. I believe many of us this evening came straight from work. How many of us are still thinking about our day-time work at this very moment?

Audience: about 2 dozens raise their hands, most of them in a “half-way” manner.

Sister Shivani: Indeed, oftentimes we are not in the present, we are somehow in the past or the future. Either the past or the future are not controllable.

To try to control our thoughts, do a simple exercise now: sit back, relax… yes, that’s right. You might like to uncross your legs as this might create a little tension on the muscles. Oh, there’s no need to close your eyes, this is not yoga!

(Laughter from the audience.)

Now, feel for a few moments. What are the thoughts coming to your mind?

Now, prioritise them. Some thoughts, you’ll find out, are just not important at all.

Why can’t we give instructions to our own minds?

Lady 1: We’re not aware of our mind.

Sister Shivani: Anyone else?

Lady 2: We’re not used to giving instructions to our own mind.

Sister Shivani: Brilliant! Exactly, because we are not used to giving instructions to our own mind; instead, we are very used to instructing others. (Pointing to the right and to the left) “Do this, do that!”


So you see, there are so many useless thoughts. Do you still remember about a particular insult that happened last year? 5 years ago? 10?


Ask the thought to leave. There’s so much baggage we carry with ourselves; 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years, 20 years… we somehow allow these negative lines from others to stay; thus creating such heavy burden to ourselves, and filling up all the boxes in our hearts! In this way, there’s no more room for pure and powerful thoughts!

In Brahma Kumaris, we do a little exercise: every hour, we take one minute to clear the thoughts; just like anti-virus scan!


How do you think you would feel if you also did this practice?

Gentleman: Light.

Lady: I think it would be difficult to start.

Sister Shivani: Don’t say it’s difficult without trying! Maybe it will be difficult for the first time, especially if this is the first anti-virus scanning in 20 years! Imagine how many files you would have to scan through!


If we can clean our thoughts every hour, the mind will be spotless.

Gentleman: How do you define “clutter”?

Sister Shivani: Anything that feels uncomfortable to you. Every moment we are creating thoughts. How many thoughts do we create each day?

Lady: About 500?

Another lady: 1,000?

Sister Shivani: Clinically, 20-30 thoughts are created per minute. But this is just when the mind is in a “normal” state. If we are hurt or feeling strong emotions, the number goes up to 45 thoughts per minute. So do the math. How many thoughts do we create each day? Let’s say, about 50,000? Are we aware we are creating 50,000 thoughts per day? Taking a company as an analogy, it’s as if a chairman of a company didn’t know his own product. But allowing all the negative thoughts coming from others to take over our minds would be comparable to having a chairman from another company coming over and running our own company!


These past few days in Singapore we have conducted some workshops. In one such workshop, a brother came up to me and shared: It’s not that I am not happy. I’m perfectly peaceful and happy when I am alone. You see, I wake up in the morning happy, shower, have my breakfast, go to work… all in a happy mood. But the moment I step into the office, I become angry. This guy is making an error, that other guy is committing a mistake, how not to get angry?

We always say: It’s not me. It’s the situation or the people around me that is disturbing me. Somehow, we give away to others the power of control.

How many people in your life have the power to control your life? I.e. How many people do you allow to “annoy” you?

Girl: Everyone else.

Sister Shivani: Oh! Serious case eh?

(Laughter from the audience)

Ha ha, well, actually it’s quite true for many of us. How many of us have been to India? (Some in the audience raise their hands.)

If you have been to India, you certainly know about the road conditions in India. In many places, there are no “real” roads, so everybody can do whatever they want. So people are abusing each other, continuously. When I visited my brother in Mumbai, he was behind the steering wheel. In a period of 1 hour on the road, he cursed at least 10 times. So angry! Next day, I asked him to change. Was it easy?

(Many in the audience shaking their heads.)

Was it easy?

(Less people in the audience shaking their heads.)

Sister Shivani: Was it easy? EASY! Just change one thought. We are the only ones who can make ourselves irritated. We might request or ask others to do something, but if they don’t, we can change our own perspective.

When we are resisting people, what are we trying to do? We are trying to judge: Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Actually, each one is right in one’s own way. Let me give you an example: mobile phones. Have you noticed that in the beginning of this sharing session, we did not ask you to switch off your mobile phones? We used to announce before the start of the talks, but still, there would always be someone who didn’t switch off the mobile and in the middle of the talk, a musical ring tone would set off. I used to be very irritated about this, this is basic courtesy, right? How come people don’t understand? But of course, I was not showing my anger out, especially since I’m giving out these spiritual talks! (Laughter)

So I changed my perspective, and started enjoying these little ring tones as music. And I would tell the owner of the phone: oh! Nice little music you have on your mobile phone, thank you for sharing; can you sms it to me as well? (Laughter)

Another example about changing perspectives, and I believe this is a very common situation amongst all of us: the difference of opinion about parents and children. The son wants to be an artist, but the father insists the son should be a doctor. The attachment to one’s own definition is so strong, that there’s no room allowed to see that the other one’s “right” is also “right”.

No one does anything wrong because there’s always a logical reason behind why they choose to do it. This could come in the form of lying, bribing… and how about the bombings in Mumbai last year (2008)? Do you think the bombers thought they were right in doing so? That they had a reason? We might think it was a horrible tragedy, but for the bombers they had every reason to do so.

However hard it might be for me to see the other party’s perspective, it doesn’t change the fact that the other party has a different perspective. I should have the power to bend and see the other side. Sometimes I may not agree, but at least I can understand that there are differences.

Another common situation in many families: Children go home, and parents tell them: How come you are drinking/smoking/staying out late/not staying home to study hard…etc.??? (you are wrong)! With time, the accumulated result from such consistent negative energy is: resistance. Then again, with time, the resistance evolves into hostility, and this time round, it is the kid who’s going to tell the parent: you are wrong!

My sister’s daughter started smoking, and without trying to understand the reason behind the “misbehavior”, my sister always scolded her for this, until one day my niece shouted back: “I hate you!” Can you imagine how devastating it is for a mother to hear her daughter say that she hates her? I often hear youngsters sharing with me, that they purposely return home only after being completely sure their parents have gone to sleep. (Laughter)

So you see, words don’t matter, but energy does! We are so used to being judgmental or critical towards others; the energy we project is oftentimes very negative. And imagine, we have a weird tendency of projecting this negative energy especially towards the ones we claim to love most!

How many people out there do we love/respect unconditionally?

(Some raise their hands)

Loving unconditionally means loving without trying to change the person you love; in other words, to have complete acceptance. In fact, the closest ones to us are often the ones who are trying to change us the most, and vice-versa. As such, all the negativity accumulates; because by trying to change the person, you are basically saying: “You’re wrong, you’re wrong, do it MY way, which is the right and the only way”. And when it doesn’t work, we feel frustrated and tired, and we think we need to take a break: now I’ll take a cup of coffee, or go to the spa, or go for a holiday; in the hope that these activities will clear the clutter. They don’t!

We’re just so hopeful that we’ll succeed in changing other people. Why? We all hope we’ll be successful in changing the others so they can suit our own needs and make ourselves happy; and when we fail, we feel frustrated.

How many of us are married here?

(Some couples raise their hands) Oh! For how long?

Couple: 24 years.

Sister Shivani: I’ll share with you a story about a couple. The husband never picks up the shoes, the wife insists that the husband should pick up the shoes and the couple starts fighting for this. So if this applied to you, being married for 24 years, would it mean that you’ve been trying to change your husband for the past 24 years? (Laughter)

In the case of the wife who insisted in the husband picking-up the shoes, I asked the wife: “So why didn’t you pick the shoes up yourself instead?” The wife said: 
”Because I’m afraid that once I start doing it, I’ll have to do it forever!” (Laughter)

Such hostility or fear is very common. We tend to think, “it’s not that I cannot stay steady/stable, but if I choose to keep quite or not shout back, people will see me as weak.” Do you see the absurdity in this whole inner dialogue? It’s completely based on assumptions!

It is very easy to shout back, but just because everyone else might be doing it, it should not be seen as natural. We are so used to instantly and automatically reacting to negativities that we think it is natural to be unhappy. When we react every single time negativity hits us, we are actually consuming a lot of negative energy and putting aside the potential to be happy. All emotions that are natural also make us feel comfortable and happy.

We do have a choice on what to create, even when the environment is tough. Taking for example the current financial crisis. Do you realize that now in India, there are not enough psychiatrists? Such a profession was not even important before! This shows how much people are giving up the power of choice that naturally belongs to themselves. So, if I still have a choice, what do I do? When none of my family members are emotionally well, what do I do? Sink with them? No, heal. And healing we certainly are capable of.

Let me share with you another story: I met this couple and was counseling them. The husband beats the wife constantly, and every time the wife cries and cries and cries. The wife says: “I will not stop crying if he does not stop beating me!” So much negativity, so much rejection and hostility, maybe even hatred!

On the surface, it seems like 2 different actions: violence is socially not acceptable, whereas crying is. In fact, they are both the same: they’re both emotional outbursts.

So I talked to them more, and realized that the husband grew up lonely; he was not loved as a kid. So he grows up, and suddenly has someone to control. So he was beating his wife to fill out that vacuum. When the wife understands the emotional vacuum and needs of her husband, she starts seeing him with sympathy, as a little boy who needs love.

So you see, no one else can create good or bad feelings and thoughts, only myself.

To let go of someone who hurts you is not to do a favour for him/her. It is to do a favour for yourself, so that your mind doesn’t create pain to yourself anymore. If we hold that thought, then there’s no need for the so-called forgiveness, because there’s nothing to forgive in the first place.

I remember a woman came to me and told me about her story: she was raped when she was only a little kid, and has grown to be afraid of others since then. She was over 40 years old, not married, no friends. Then, in her heart, she started letting go of the person who raped her, and she was so happy: I have not lived for the past 35 years of my life because I couldn’t let go! She had freed herself from hurt.

Another amazing woman in Orissa who was normally doing charity work for her village, had her young 2 sons murdered mercilessly by the villagers on the grounds of different religions. After the tragedy, she still kept going on with her charity work: “I let go!”

If we allow our hearts to be filled with pain/guilt/negativities… there will be no room for others or for love.

Let’s do this little exercise all together:

From now on, for 24 hours, I will not allow myself to be disturbed. Check your thought for one minute every hour.

In order to maximize our inner potential, we should be consciously creating powerful and positive thoughts:

-Look at our selves as the master of the situation.

-Check our thoughts every hour.

-Just as we do exercise to keep our bodies healthy, we should tune our thoughts first thing in the morning to keep our minds fit.

Thank you. Om-shanti.

At the end of the talk, as we walked out of the fully-packed room, the sisters from Brahama Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre distributed some home-made cookies with the little hand-made note card:

“By practicing the art of forgetting the past, you remember how to fly.”






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